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This is a story about a little girl who wouldn't listen to her father. 

As she grew older she became more and more defiant.  She hung out with the wrong crowd.  She experimented with drugs.  She rebelled against all authority.  She received bad grades in school. 

She eventually dropped out.  Only to realize years later that she should have listened to her father. 

And father was tired of it all by then.  All he wanted to do was get some rest. 

Now I'm sure most of you who read this poem got this message.  It's not that hard to follow.  However, for some, it's like we have said before, do not try this stuff at home, especially when you're by yourself and there is no one to interpret. 

We hope you enjoyed this little epic.  We did.  In fact, we read it every day just to keep our spirits afloat.  You should also.  You will be the better for it.  Thanks for listening.
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The Children
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Sake Of The Children - Yorktown Disciple
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